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Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico’s energy system.  After the storm, the island essentially has had to re-activate its energy system from the equivalent of a system-wide “black start”.

At the same time, the energy sector world-wide is changing rapidly as new technologies come online and challenge the existing 100-year old model of generating, transmitting, and distributing energy to various classes of customers with different needs. In order to successfully make the transition to a new business model for the energy sector, it will be necessary to change laws, regulations, upgrade transmission and distribution systems and encourage the efficient use of energy by end customers.  This is a tall order, but fortunately resources abound to guide policymakers, regulators and utilities companies in this process.

The first step in this complicated pathway is developing a new vision for the Puerto Rico energy sector. Charting this vision requires thinking beyond the confines of Puerto Rico, but with a clear understanding of the island’s limitations and challenges.

Organized  by the Center for a New Economy, the Black Start 2019 Conference will convene leading thinkers and industry experts to give shape to this timely conversation.  Please register and be among the first to receive further information on the conference date, venue and speakers.

Welcome to Puerto Rico’s Black Start!

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