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Lifting our gaze from today’s problems and setting our sights on how to prepare for tomorrow’s energy challenges.

Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico’s energy system. The island essentially had to re-activate its energy system from the equivalent of a system-wide “black start”. At the same time, the energy sector world-wide is changing rapidly as new technologies come online and challenge the existing models of generating, transmitting, and distributing energy to various classes of customers with different needs. A new model for Puerto Rico’s 50 year old energy sector is needed now.  The first step in this complicated pathway is developing a new vision based on thinking beyond the confines of Puerto Rico. This must be achieved with a clear understanding of the island’s limitation and challenges. The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is Puerto Rico’s leading think tank who has been studying, analyzing and publishing reports and research on Puerto Rico’s Energy Sector for 15 years. In hosting Black Start: Future of Energy Conference, CNE will: 1)    Provoke big and out of the box thinking for Puerto Rico’s energy future. 2)    Provide concrete solutions to decision makers as they currently undertake the re-building of Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure. Black Start 2019 is poised to become a defining event for the future of energy in Puerto Rico. This Conference will power a conversation among non-profit and private sector leaders, community members, academics, and government officials. It will be held on:

Thursday, March 21st , 2019

at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Top international leaders will convene to discuss how new, cutting-edge technologies for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity that are being developed right now can be deployed on the island to upgrade its electric system for the 21st century.

Fundación Colibrí  Environmental Defense Fund

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